Top Ten overlooked movie Villains

I have been pondering this for a while. What makes a good villain? Should they be pure evil or should we be able to relate to the villains? Movie villains are a dime a dozen and a comprehensive list of the best of the best just doesn’t exist. All of the lists that I have found online are either very large and seem to try and fit [...]


Modern Family: How is this funny?

So this is just a little blurb for the blog, but since it is television related I am going to tag it in TV as well. Lately my wife has been watching a lot of syndicated repeats of Modern Family on USA network. It would be fair to say that I have now watched about ten total episodes of this show and in my opinion that is enough to [...]


Review: The Worlds End

This is the second of five films that fellow contributor Jeremy Shaw challenged me to watch and review. I have chosen not to watch The Worlds End because I have grown tired of the formula. Ten years ago I loved Shaun of the Dead, and two years later I loved Hot Fuzz. Then I moved on. A few years went by and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost [...]


Review: Grave Encounters

A few days ago Jeremy Shaw and myself challenged each other to watch 5 films that we have not watched yet. All of the films that I was challenged to watch were purposely left off of my ques, however today I began my challenge. I began with Grave Encounters. I was no doubt challenged to watch this because I loath found footage films. [...]


Movie Challenge to Jeremy

I have been challenged by Jeremy to watch and review 5 movies that I have not watched yet. On this list are movies that he enjoyed and that I have chosen not to watch. With the exception of “You’re Next” I have actively avoided watching these movies. I remember years ago telling Jeremy that I would watch “American [...]


Book vs The Movie: The Town

  I began this feature with Jaws. Ultimately I liked the book a lot, but I loved the film. Spielbergs classic took the win. This time we look at The Town. Adapted for screen by Ben Affleck and starring the man himself alongside Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively and Jon Hamm. I have always been a fan of Ben Affleck. There was a running gag [...]


Comic Review: Road Rage

I picked this up while at the Steel City Convention from a seller who was unloading smaller titles for $2 each. I ended up buying close to one copy of each being sold just to buy them, but this one I picked out first. I have always been a huge fan of Stephen King and Richard Matheson. In my opinion they set a standard in horror and [...]


The Rise and Fall of How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was destined to be a success. It came at just the right time that sitcoms were looking to be a dying breed of entertainment. There wasn’t much competition and they had made some really wise casting decisions. Alyson Hannigan was a big name in TV after a long run on a the highly successful and very popular Buff [...]