Review: A Haunted House 2

I am going to start things off by saying that I am typically a huge fan of the Wayans Brothers/family. Starting with Kennan and Damon then making our way through Shawn and Marlon, and their supporting cast such as Kim down to the new generation. Damon Wayans JR is one of the best actors in comedies right now. I really enjoy most of their [...]


Review: 22 Jump Street

The summer season was a dud all around this year. With uncharacteristically cool and rainy weather the season just kind of didn’t appear, and neither did many audiences appear in the theaters. With only one film, the Guardians of the Galaxy, making it to the 300 million dollar mark. This is the first time in about a decade that [...]


Sons of Anarchy Season Seven Episode One

OK ladies and gentlemen now that Brainbusteronline is back for real I always intended this site to be a place where I can dedicate myself to writing Sons of Anarchy articles. My first big Sons article was a hit and I did plan (and still will) to do an entire series retrospective. However we still have the seventh season to get through [...]

Consumer Reports

Halloween Peeps

Why aren’t these called “Creeps”? Isn’t that the most obvious thing in the world? They can have that one for free as long as the text on the package is dripping white and spooky. Speaking of spooky: Alright these pumpkins aren’t that spooky. In fact, they all look pretty friendly and happy to be eaten. The [...]


Top Ten overlooked movie Villains

I have been pondering this for a while. What makes a good villain? Should they be pure evil or should we be able to relate to the villains? Movie villains are a dime a dozen and a comprehensive list of the best of the best just doesn’t exist. All of the lists that I have found online are either very large and seem to try and fit [...]


Modern Family: How is this funny?

So this is just a little blurb for the blog, but since it is television related I am going to tag it in TV as well. Lately my wife has been watching a lot of syndicated repeats of Modern Family on USA network. It would be fair to say that I have now watched about ten total episodes of this show and in my opinion that is enough to [...]