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Campbell’s Super Mario Soup

photo 5


I love Super Mario Bros. The 3rd game is maybe the greatest video game of all time. I like Campbell’s soup. Tonight I was hungry for some soup and I had no idea it was going to fun.


photo 4

So the shapes are supposed to be: Mario, Green Shell, Super Mushroom, Goomba, Block, and Fire Flower. I’m always interested to see how the shapes they advertise actually translate into pasta. So let’s do this:


photo 6


They look as well as you could expect for pasta shapes in a soup. I tried to put the pasta in the direction it was on the back of the can, but I think I dropped the ball with the green shell. It looks like hell. Don’t worry the order of the shapes itself was completely random on the plate. I had a rough time finding these in the soup it was a pretty big “what the fuck am I doing with my life” moment. Anyway, you can make out what most of the shapes are. I guess I’m pretty happy with it. The soup is what it is. As it has been for our lifetimes. I’ve been told you’re supposed to add a cup of water, but instead I just add another can of soup. However you want to approach that is your business and I want none of it. This variation also has little chicken things in it, and some orange mystery chunks that may be carrots or some kind of strange fungus from the Mushroom Kingdom. I don’t know. If you want soup that is shaped like a fat Italian plumber this is your best (and only) option.

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