Modern Family: How is this funny?

So this is just a little blurb for the blog, but since it is television related I am going to tag it in TV as well. Lately my wife has been watching a lot of syndicated repeats of Modern Family on USA network. It would be fair to say that I have now watched about ten total episodes of this show and in my opinion that is enough to properly gauge the shows format.

I don’t like it. I don’t like this modern sitcom format with shaky cams that are supposed to look like hand held cameras. This of course was made popular by the Office which is another terribly overrated show. After the crazy success of The Office there have been a number of moc doc clones and honestly not one of them are good at all.

There isn’t a single thing about Modern Family that appeals to me and I just don’t understand the popularity. The best that I can come up with is that women watch this thing and women only. I wouldn’t ever watch it by choice again, but I can tell already that my wife will make me.

The characters are unfunny. Especially the gay couple. And no, this isn’t some gay bashing article like some may soon conclude. I support gay rights, and if it makes sense to have a gay character I am all for it. But this push to be “modern” and force this unfunny same sex duo on the air and call it progressive is stupid.

Every time that these two have any bit of screen time it makes Will and Grace look funny. And I will tell you that Will and Grace isn’t funny.

Modern family makes me wish this annoyance.

Modern family makes me wish this annoyance.


The story lines are anything but modern and it borrows all of its weekly plot points from the book of sitcoms 101. Dads overrating to children at parties? Check. Husbands and Wives not getting each other to “hilarious” outcomes? Check. The eccentric and well dressed gays? Check.

This is the same regurgitated nonsense that we have seen since I love Lucy, only it doesn’t have a laugh track. Please if anyone reads this and feels that they can defend this garbage hit the comment sections below, I would love to hear it.

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