It Came From Hulu: Forgetting the Girl


In this edition of IT CAME FROM…We visit Hulu Plus and the film Forgetting the Girl.

PLOT: Kevin Wolfe is a photographer struggling with a tormented past. He is weird, but somewhere in between that and charming without being either. Jaime is his assistant and she is secretly in love with him. She is constantly jealous of the beautiful women who pay Kevin for his services. Kevin has a thing, he always asks these women for a date. Sometimes he gets lucky and they say yes, but most the time it’s no. Kevin has some baggage, he witnessed his sister die at a young age, and because of this every woman he meets he has to somehow forget them. He has many rituals to do so, and sometimes, well his ritual is murder.

This movie starts out very boring. They try very hard to make the main character creepy in a charming way and spend too much time on wasted character development attempts while he sits in front of a screen telling numerous stories about the women that he is trying to forge

Here he tells us about this women he couldn't forget.

Here he tells us about this women he couldn’t forget.


However the film actually takes a very interesting turn. One of the models who actually do go out on a date with Kevin goes missing. They have made such a big deal about Kevin being a traumatized creep that it’s almost too easy to assume that he had something to do with her disappearance. Kevin is surrounded by other weird and creepy individuals who at this point seem more likely to harm the model.

But one morning while Jaime enters the studio for her shift she sees Kevin cleaning up the scene of a murder. She loves him so naturally she helps him to get rid of the body and prepare for the day of shooting. At the end of the day Kevin tells her that he must now forget her as well and she willingly goes along with his plot to kill her, out of love for him.

I won’t spoil the rest of the film, because despite a very slow and prodding start this movie achieves something very cool by the time the credits roll. It’s totally worth your time, so the next time that you’re browsing Hulu Plus for something to watch. Remember Forgetting the Girl.

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