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Movie Challenge to Jeremy

I have been challenged by Jeremy to watch and review 5 movies that I have not watched yet. On this list are movies that he enjoyed and that I have chosen not to watch. With the exception of “You’re Next” I have actively avoided watching these movies. I remember years ago telling Jeremy that I would watch “American Movie” only after he has given “Iron Man” a chance. So now due this list I am going to make good on these films. I will watch them, even though I have little to no desire to watch them, simply because the man who has challenged me is the one person whose opinion I hold in such a high regard as mine. I will review them here on Brainbuster and in turn I have a list of my own. So The challenge continues. Like Jeremy I have 5 films that I have watched and enjoyed, while Jeremy has chosen not to.

Years back the both of us entered into a pact known as the Tyler Perry pact. Wherein we watched the Tyler Perry films together and as it turned out we were all pleasantly surprised and turned into Perry fans overnight. Maybe this will happen again? We will only find out by watching the films. Jeremy’s list of films to watch is as follows.

  • ┬áHouse of the Devil
  • 21 Jump Street
  • [REC]
  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Money Ball

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