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Movie Challenge to Andrew

We’ve been kicking around this idea and what a better time to throw it out there than on Labor Day weekend? Plenty of laying about and movie watching to be had. The goal of this is to get us out of our comfort zones of movie watching and force each other to watch things we would NEVER watch on our own. Broaden horizons and inflict some punishment along the way.

So this is how it goes: One of us challenges another to watch 5 movies. That’s it. They have to watch and review each one for the site. We know each other well and exactly the kinds of movies we love and hate. I’m going softball this first round with 5 good to great movies, but depending on how I’m hit back this could get ugly in the future.

My 5 picks:

  • You’re Next
  • The World’s End
  • The Raid: Redemption
  • American Movie
  • Grave Encounters














































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