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Freddy Krueger Stick-Up

While traveling the hallowed halls of the Steel City Con I saw this and I feel in love immediately. Though I didn’t bring little Freddy home with me on that first night, I did pay for it in another way. I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning, thinking about what I missed. Freddy Krueger legitimately haunted my dreams! There’s always the thought of “Maybe I’ll find something even more cool at this con?”. That was a ridiculous thought!


How could I have found something more obscure, weird, or goofy than this? AND involving Freddy Krueger? There’s no way. What the hell was I thinking that first day? Let me set the record straight: There has never been a bad piece of merchandise with Freddy Krueger on it. No matter what it is if it has Freddy Krueger there’s built-in intrinsic value. Just look at him. He’s cute in a sorry sort of way. His clothes don’t quite fit, his hats a little big, and the skull he carry’s causes him to topple over (nevermind the skull it doesn’t have to make sense). It’s the Little Rascals version of Freddy!


Here he is hanging on my window for the world to see. If you were alive 20 years ago you probably remember these things. I don’t know if they called them stick-ups or if this company just made that up, but Garfield was a top seller back in the day. If a car had one of these it would be him. Which in retrospect is a shame when there were little Freddies out there in the wild.

Editor’s note: Literally seconds after this picture the rope snapped and Freddy fell to the ground. Stick and stones may break his bones, but dry rot will kill him.

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