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Topps Real Movie Giant Pin-Up

I really enjoy trading cards and the like for old movies. At the recent steel city con I spent way to much money on these worthless cards, but this is no card. It is a mini movie poster. Look at this selection you could end up with


Now, I consider getting a Blue Lagoon or Grease an outright fucking scam. You know what everybody wants, Jaws or one of the Star Wars poster and maybe Rocky. The rest are a fucking scam, a waste of money. Each package comes with a stick of gum older than me, review on the taste after I open this right now.


All right, now this is a bad fucking ass Empire poster man, I thought they were little cards, but this is a legit fucking poster. I’m so fucking pumped right now to put this on my wall next to my x-files I want to believe poster.

This is chewing gum from 1981, Ronald Reagen was sworn in to office for his first term the same year this gum was packaged and it is about to be in my mouth.


That was a big fucking mistake, it tastes like poison, fuck.

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