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First official image from Ant-Man



Has Marvel taken a page out of DC’s book? This looks pretty gritty for Paul Rudd. Considering all of the problems that this film has had in pre production I am not the least bit surprised that they wanted to get something official out. I’m sure that there will be some negative feedback as there is with anything, but just having an official image of it’s star released from the first day of shooting can only bring in positive feedback.

Many have criticized Marvel for allowing Edgar Wright to leave the film after years of pre production. I was a fan of Shaun of the Dead, it’s one of my favorite movies in the genre. And I did enjoy Hot Fuzz, though not as much. I am not going to undermine Wright as I director. He has some good and some bad. Scott Pilgram vs The World was nice to look at, but just a terrible movie. I never bothered with the Worlds End because after ten years of seeing Wright, Pegg and Frost making the same movie over and over again I just have no interest.

Regardless Wright was the first guy brought on to Direct and he sure did put some work in. The facts are slim though. We have no idea what kind of movie he wanted to make vs what Marvel wanted to make. People threw Disney under the bus as being evil and taking over.

I don’t buy any of that. Marvel Studios has a system. And it isn’t broken so it doesn’t need fixing. Jon Favreau who directed Iron Man and Iron Man and helped launch Marvel Studios into the juggernaut that it is had issues and left the directors chair for Iron Man 3. But he stayed on as an on screen character and consultant.

Foe years fans of the source material have complained that Hollywood isn’t getting it right. Well now the source material is in charge, and the Hollwood players aren’t able to change it so they leave. Ant-Man will be a better movie because of Wrights departure.

My only grievance is that because Wright left there was a delay in production that had to force Patrick Wilson to depart the film.

The plot is now a little more defined. Paul Rudd who is portraying Scott Lang is a thief who is mentored by Hank Pym. I wasn’t expecting them to go the route of thief. I was assuming he would be a lab assistant or something.

At any rate it’s pretty cool to see Marvel kind of going against their grain of clean cut babyface super hero. Even when Thor was a prick, he was so damn likable.

This pic has me excited for more. What about you?



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