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Shark Week: Night Two




Great White Serial

This is yet another Great White special and even worse another Great White attack show. This time around they spend an hour analyzing “A series of attacks” off the coast of California in a spot known as Surf ┬áBeach. This series of attacks leads researchers ( and I will use that term lightly) to believe that there is a rogue shark, serial killing. I am not looking to spend much time reviewing this. I wonder why these scientists even agree to do these moronic specials. Every bit of scientific data proves sharks aren’t serial killing manhunters and are very intelligent. This is nothing more than a ratings grab that honestly takes Shark science and research back 30 years. One thing positive that I can say about this is that the video of the sharks is beautifully shot.

Monster Hammerhead

I will preface this by saying that I am thrilled to finally get a special that isn’t about White sharks, or maneaters. Though this special is just as ridiculous as the other ones in what is a lackluster (and maybe the worst of all time) Shark week. The premise of this show is a myhological hammerhead shark that has been sighted since ww2 and called Old Hitler is sought after. This is yet another show being wasted on a legend.

I would much rather have a special simply about learning more about Hammerheads rather than globe trotting looking for a monster fish. However this is what I am given and since it isn’t about the whites in Africa I am ok with it. One thing that I find very interesting is after they have baited the waters and track a few hammerheads they had a very interesting way of measuring them.

Putting a measuring device on the sea bed and luring the sharks to swim over it they were able to tell how large its head was, and how long the body was. This is the best part of this show that is otherwise a waste of time. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that a Hammerhead could grow to 20 feet long. White sharks often get this big and any creature that has a lot of room to grow often does so.

What really seals my opinion on what Shark Week has become is the following; Freakin Laserbeams.

The scientists now use laser beams to help measure the sharks. A really neat science that I would love to learn more about. It was incredibly interesting and the entire show the voice over guy kept advertising this part with a horrible Austin Powers reference. Literally the serious voice over guy, on the serious science show quoting Dr Evil.

During this part of their expedition they are swimming at night, and a generator on the ship goes out and removes the surface light. This becomes a pretty dangerous scenario that was interesting to watch. While in total darkness the sharks become much more aggressive, They are able to measure one Hammerhead at 14 feet which was the largest Hemmerhead that they have seen.


Jaws Strikes Back

This is yet another Great White special, but this one actually shows us some things that we haven’t seen yet. Most White specials are about their breaching for seals. This special however is about a science expedition in which researches have invented a submarine that is fitted with many cameras at different points to capture many points of the ocean at once. It works by a signal that it traces from a tag placed onto a shark. It follows that frequency and thus we are able to see the sharks in an atmoshpere that we have never seen before 300 feet below the surface.

This was filmed in Guadeloupe in crystal clear water, and because the visibility is at such a high level they are able to capture something that I find incredible. The whites are hunting elephant seals, but they aren’t the only creatures that call this region home. There are also sealions and since the visibility is so good the sealions actually swing right up to the sharks and taunt them, hitting them in the nose and swimming away. They are literally messing with the sharks on purpose.

There is a number of really cool shots revealing awesome and interesting behavior from the sharks. This is the type of special that I expect to see from Shark Week. One that is about research and science and through this can reveal how dangerous these animals are, without outright looking for killer great whites. More tof this please less, of everything else that we have seen

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