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Arbys new Triplestack



I have always been a fan of Arbys roast beef sandwiches and cheddar melts. I have been eating at this restaurant for years now even if it’s just on occasion. And in those many years I have been a creature of habit. I liked the roast beef sandwiches so much that I never had a need to try anything else on the menu. The beauty was in simplicity. A roast beef cheddar melt with tons of Arbys Sauce and I was good to go.

However the new ad campaign featuring the the new stacked sandwiches caught my attention and I finally gave something else a try. I ordered the the Triple Stack which is a layer of turkey, a layer of roast beef, and a layer of bacon with mayo. And I have to say that I was impressed enough with the sandwich that I wasn’t bothered too much at the fact it cost about $8.

But Arbys has never been known for value menus. After dropping their 5 for 5 dealyears ago it has pretty much been known as the more expensive of the fast food chains. So chances are that if you have chosen to eat at Arbys than you aren’t bothered by spending $8 or more on your meal.

I always require Arbys Sauce so I lathered a hefty amount on top of the already huge sandwich and I devoured it. I felt like a fatty but I ate every bit of this sandwich in one sitting. It was huge, so in size it was well worth the money spent.

One thing that bothered me was that even though it was packed with turkey and roast beef it only had one small layer of bacon. The already immense sandwich may be a little more difficult to eat, and it may cost them more to include another layer of bacon, but based on it’s advertising and my own personal taste I think it needs more bacon.

Overall this is an expensive meal for fast food, but despite seeming to lack on bacon it was a very large and filling sandwich. It;s so big that it comes cut in half to make consumption easier.

Ultimately I wouldn’t buy it again because even though it was a good meal I couldn’t help but regret not going with roast beef cheddar melt. Though I am admittedly a creature of habit. Give it a try, you probably won’t regret it, and if you do I think you’ve picked the wrong restaurant.

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