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Fox News calls Robin Williams a coward.


When I learned of the death of Robin Williams yesterday I was at a loss for words. I received a text and was immediately called bullshit. I opened up the news on my smart phone and found that sadly that it had actually happened. Robin Williams was dead in an apparent suicide. I was at a loss for words. Over the years each celebrity death seems to hit me harder. It’s really quite strange to mourn the death of a person that you have never met, but Williams unlike the many other celebrity’s who have passed in my lifetime, has brought that reaction.

When I was very young my favorite show to watch was Mork and Mindy. That was my first exposure to the genius and as I grew so did my affection for his work. As a kid I was entertained by his family friendly shenanigans, but unlike other actors who are often type cast once taking on those type of roles Williams grew as an actor. His work in films such as 8 Hour Photo, Insomnia, Dead Poet Society, and Good Will Hunting (just to name a few) really demonstrated the range that he had as a performer.

I decided that in time I would do an article for about Williams, but I needed time to reflect. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to merely blog and mourn the loss or to do a comprehensive in depth article about the man who entertained me for literally my entire life.

So it pains me that my article on the passing of a legend is a response to Fox News and Shepard Smith. It’s no secret that Fox news tried very hard to appeal to the far right political movements and conservative numb skulls and they continuously compromise the codes of journalism to meet that demographic.

The network has a long history of false news reporting, propaganda, and harboring racist and inconsiderate and ignorant views. These people have come to support Tony Stewart during what is clearly a case of murder being allowed to occur, they continually support white murders and criminals of any kind while lambasting people with differentiating opinions.

Recently Russell Brand has taken to the internet to counter Sean Hannity’s nonsense and Hannity countered with more childish behavior. The reason I mention this is because when I saw this my first thought was, “Man Shepard Smith would never sink to these levels”.

Well I was wrong. Shepard Smith was the first, of I am sure plenty of people, to be an inconsiderate prick. Calling Robin Williams a coward for his suicide. I am not going to waste my time finding clips of these anchors supporting criminals and murders of the white and conservative persuasion. These clips exist and if you want to see them youtube is right there at you disposal.

And I am not going to debate depression because that’s a topic that I don’t know where I stand. I have a certain understanding of addiction, it has plagued my family and ended my mothers life and I am still not going to debate that either.

Robin Williams death shouldn’t be debated, he shouldn’t be called a coward on air by a supposed journalist. It is simply his job to report the news. If I wanted an opinion I would formulate my own on the matter. This is just another huge example of why Fox News is really just a bunch of assholes who can get away with saying anything they want because they are owned by a rich conservative criminal.

I was more offended by this comment as a journalist than as a fan of the legend. You people are journalists, and it’s been apparent for many years that this fact is lost on you, but it’s time you start putting the foot in your mouth and shut the hell up.

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