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Posted By Andrew

Pringles Screamin Dill Pickle

Last night I was heading to the drive in and although I always do purchase snacks while inside of the establishment I always come prepared. I like Pringles chips as much as about any other brand, but I don’t buy them often since my favorite flavor (Spicy Guacamole) was discontinued long ago.

I was drawn to the large EXTREME logo font on the container and bright green color scheme and for one fleeting second thought that my flavor was back. Alas it wasn’t my obscure chips, but I bought it anyway because my family and I enjoy pickle flavored anything.

Your first bite of these chips is a harsh one. Most of the seasoning seems to hit you all at once and it is more than a little sour. After your pallet settles down they truly do taste like a dill pickle. The first bite is always a very strong one and it doesn;t change after the second, third, fourth, or tenth chip.

If you’re able to handle a rush of sour flavoring and enjoy the taste of a dill pickle than these chips are for you. It’s extreme as first, as advertised and then finishes smooth. My only complaint is that my mouth, and more particularly bottom lip are very dry after eating them.

I will likely buy these chips again and recommend them for purchase.

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