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Comic Book Review: Original Sin Issue #4



Issue number four has an ominous cover. The top right hand corner has a picture of Bucky looking downward. The Punisher and Dr. Strange are seen attacking Hulk and Wolverine. In bold letters it reads “Trust No One”.

The first few panels continue to mount the frustrations and tension between The Punisher and Dr. Strange. Strange reveals to Castle that there are others that have been recruited into their group.

Bucky has gone to the moon where he uses the severed head of Nick Fury to access some type of secret trap door. Back beneath the earths surface Ant Man, Black Panther, and Emma Frost are discussing the probability that Dr. Midas may be the one behind these killings when Emma is overcome by her telekinetic ability revealing to her that Fury is dead.

Back at Avengers Tower Wolverine and Hulk are at the scene of Furys death. Wolverines picks up Buckys scent immediately but doesn’t have much time to do much else as Dr. Strange and The Punisher teleport to their location. Strange and Castle are quick to jump to the conclusion that Wolverine and Hulk are responsible for Furys death and the four battle.

The Punisher and Dr. Strange are able to temporarily out power Wolverine and Hulk and then retrieve Orb from his holding cell. As they are about to leave Ant Man, Black Panther, and Frost arrive at the tower. There is a stand off between them and Punisher and Strange that only doesn’t escalate because Winter Soldier appears, and reveals to them that he is carrying Furys head.

Just then Gamora and Moon Knight arrive being brought to the tower by Rocket Raccoon. Gamora is enraged and goes straight for Bucky who despite carrying the dismembered head of Nick Fury insists that he is not the enemy.

There is for a moment, total chaos then comes to a sudden halt when Gamoras sword strikes Furys head and it fizzes and shocks. It was an LMD, life Model Decoy. The heroes try to make sense of this turn of events and are unable to. Then in the back the real Nick Fury appears, old and frail accompanied by several more LMDs.

What we learn in this issue is that Nick Fury is somehow very old. I came to the conclusion that it was the same scenario that they are doing in the Captain America books where the super soldier serum has worn off and they are aging rapidly.

Fury was the mysterious boss who had put all of these groups together to investigate the Watchers death. But how did he know to send each group exactly where to find the clues that brought them back to the tower?





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