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Comic Review: Original Sin Issue#3



Issue three of Original Sin keeps the same theme of the first two issues. In the top right hand corner we see Dr. Midas from the shoulder up, just as The Watcher was featured in the first, and Nick Fury was featured in the second. Below are Gamora, Moon Knight and Winter Solder in the moon stalking stealthily toward the shadowy figure. In large bold print it reads “Answers at All Costs!”

The first few panels are of several weeks ago before the Watcher was murdered. The Orb has met with Dr. Midas revealing that he has been dreaming of the secrets of the Watcher. The Orb knows that Midas has had the same dreams. He proposes that they go find the source of these secrets and steal it.

Next we are back in present time. The Orb is standing tall in front of all of the heroes who have come to capture him, the Watchers eye raised high has exploded with blue electricity. The secrets of the Watcher have been revealed. The Hulk is now outraged by something he has learned about Iron Man (the lead in to the Hulk V Iron Man original Sins tie in). Thor has learned that he has a sister (which is elaborated on in the Thor tie in).

With all of the confusion Midas and Extreminatrix are able to escape, but Nick fury steps up to the Orb gun raised demanding the eye be lowered, that the Orb was under arrest for the Murder of the Watcher. The Orb is insistent that he is not the murderer and that he too wishes to know that secret.

We see more panels featuring Ant Man, Panther and Emma Frost.  They have found more of the glowing green fragments of bullets used to kill the many creatures hidden at the center of the earth.

Next we leave the Earth Realm and join back up with The Punisher and Dr. Strange. The Punisher who is a weapons expert has revealed that the shot fired that killed the beast they found in issue number two was four thousand yards away. Which is something completely unheard of. There is some tension between the two of them that makes this team up very intriguing.

Next Moon Knight, Winter Solider and Gamora are heading toward the moon and are deep in discussion of the events that lead them there. We see them from a monitor, and it is revealed that they are being watched by the mysterious boss who has sent the others out on their missions and he is holding a green gamma bullet.

Wolverine and the Hulk are now trying to interrogate the Orb, but he is insistent that he will only speak to the man in charge. He wants to speak to Fury. Nick is in a lab and has learned that the Watchers eye acts as some type of living storage device. Nick is able to confirm that the blast from the eye released some of this formerly unknown information, secrets, sins. Only those in the immediate vicinity of the blast were affected, but half of the team were there. Darevdevil, Spiderman, and Thor have gone off. Keeping Hulk away from Iron Man who he wants to smash is becoming a task. Things have become chaotic. As Nick talks to Captain America bout these updates he asks Rogers what he saw. Captain declines to answer, but confirms that even he saw something. Next we learn the Nick himself didn’t see anything at all.

Winter Soldier, Gamora, and Moon Knight are now on a desolate planet and have discovered hundreds of bullet holes shot directly into the earth. After a closer look they realize that the earth was a living creature and the bullet holes were the remnants of a precise attack to kill the planet. As they realize that they have discovered that they are investigating some type of cosmic killing spree The Winter Soldier darts for the ship and leaves Moon Knight and Gamora stranded on the planet.

Wolverine calls Nick to inform him that Orb is prepared to talk now, and Nick sits in his lab pondering about the Watchers other eye, and who is in possession of it. Bucky bursts into the lab and tells Fury that he cannot run or hide any longer that there would be no more secrets. Fury is thrown to the floor and Winter Soldier hacks and slashes at him until his head is removed entirely from its body.

The issue ends here and was a complete wtf for me. I didn’t know what to think. Did Fury really die or was it some type of android? What is the purpose of Winter Soldier killing Fury? Did Bucky kill the Watcher?

This issue didn’t do much in answering any questions. Midas and his daughter are completely unseen. The big hook in this issue occurred in the final panels where Bucky murders Nick.

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