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Comic Review: Original Sin Issue #2




The cover of Original Sin Issue Number Two follows suit with the first. It is mysterious and  complex, but simple. At center is a mysterious cloaked figure holding a glowing sphere. Floating around this individual are the heads of Iron Man, Magik, Hulk, Nova, Captain America, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Thor, Spiderman, and The Thing. In the top right corner is Nick Fury holding a hand gun. In bold yellow letters it reads “Who Holds The Eye?” It is just as striking and intriguing as the dramatic first issue.

The comic begins with Black Panther, Emma Frost and Scott Lang in the center of the earth. Remember now that they were ordered to go there by a mysterious man in charge. Emma is speaking to a group of Moloids who are frightened by their presence, and the reveal that for as long as they can remember, bodies of dead monsters have been dropped in on them from a random source.

The heroes now realize that they are standing in a giant grave yard of monsters and inter dimensional beings. They are looking for some type of evidence to suggest that these creatures were murdered by the same culprit that murdered the Watcher. Scott has shrunk down and is deep inside the carcass of a monster where he finds the evidence that they are searching for.

Meanwhile in New York City Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, Black Widow and Nick Fury are chasing after another Mindless One. The Avengers are chasing it through an office building and it jumps out of the window of the skyscraper to escape it’s pursuers. However it lands directly into Bettie, Nick Furys flying car.

The Mindless One is constricted and captured. Like the one found in the first issue he is spouting the same nonsense about knowing sin and wishing for ignorance. Fury takes this as a confession and initiates a jet pack launch sequence and destroys his car and the mindless one captured within it.

Next we see Iron Man and Bruce Banner in the confines of a large scientific laboratory in Avengers Tower. Iron Man confirms that the nullifier used by the first Mindless One in last issue was in fact the Ultimate Nullifier that was kept with the Watcher in his lair.  As the two continue to review evidence they find footage of an unmarked ship traveling from the moon after the Watchers murder, and it appears to be made of solid gold. And then they get word that a Mindless One has been captured alive and in custody.

Meanwhile somewhere beyond the realm of man Dr. Strange and The Punisher are investigating their own way. They find an eighty five year old beast, king of the ancient world dead. The Punisher finds a wound that even Dr. Strange is unable to notice, an entry wound from a bullet. Castle digs deep into the wound and pulls out a giant green glowing bullet.

Back on earth the Mindless ones are still rolling in pain as the mysterious figures in possession of the Watchers eye are speaking. They see the changes taking place in the mindless ones and are aware that they are also going through changes of their own. The third figure is now laying in pain, similar to the mindless ones. And then they are surrounded by the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Storm, Thor, Iron Man, Ice Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Captain America have them surrounded. The figures prepare for battle.

The first figure leaps out of the building guns blazing. Her identity is revealed. Exterminatirx, Daughter of Dr. Midas. She and the Mindless Ones battle the heroes in the street. In the meantime the other figures are preparing to step into battle. Its revealed that one of these men are Midas. He is worried at how attached the other culprit is to the Watchers Eye.

They step out to find Exterminatrix defeated. The heroes now calling for their surrender. They reveal that they are not the murderers and that the Watchers eye is now a bomb. A bomb of knowledge. The final figure unmasks to reveal himself. He is the Orb. A man with a eyeball for a head.

This issue answers many of the questions asked in the first issue. Most notably they reveal the identities of the villains controlling the Mindless Ones, and carry the watchers Eye. If you remember from the first one there were glowing bullet fragments found near the Watchers body and both Ant Mans group and Punisher both find glowing bullets left in the bodies of murdered monsters in two completely different realms.

The ship gold ship seen leaving the moon was clearly Midas’. This is a good follow up issue that answers just enough questions to appease the reader, while not really revealing anything. We are still unsure of who killed The Watcher or the motive behind it. We see now that there are murders happening not just on the moon, but earth and even in the outer realms and these all seem to be accomplished with the same weapon.

Having an virtually unknown villain be in possession of the eye was a little bit of a let down, but it was also quite interesting at the same time. I am still as hooked on Original Sin after issue two.

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