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Teenage Bottlerocket: Freak Out!

I have just recently gotten more into pop punk, and I have heard about these guys but never listened to them, until recently. I have now listened to this album 12 times this week, and I am fucking in love.

The band is mostly fun light-hearted punk rock kind of like Screeching Weasel mixed with the Bouncing Souls. The lyrics are mostly about girls, but they do go beyond that. The song Maverick is them describing the plot to Top Gun, Necrocomicon is about comic con. If you like songs about love and goofy shit, then this is for you, lucky for me I love songs about stupid shit.

The standout song on this album, or at least my favorite, is Summertime. The goofy lyrics and catchy hook have been stuck in my head since I listened to it.

If you’re into pop punk or punk rock in general, then I don’t think you’ll go wrong with this album. It’s an entertaining listen all the way through, I thoroughly recommend listening to this. It’s definitely a standout album.

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