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Consumer Report: McDonalds Jalapeno Double


Over the past year McDonalds has been playing with their Value Meal Menu, trying to change things up for the sake of cash flow. Rumors were rampant that the chain was bleeding money from the Dollar Menu and so a $1-$5 menu was created with new products.


I am a guy who likes to get more for his money and so I have always been a dollar menu dude. I actually much prefer spending five bucks for 3 sandwiches, a drink, and some fries. Than the meals already prepared. I have always been a fan of the mcdouble with mac sauce and onions. It’s been my preferred burger for years.

But even so I have tried every value meal selection added to the list and yesterday I found the Jalapeno Double. I have a soft spot for spicy and hot foods so I immediately wanted to try this. So now to the meat and cheese of this article.

The burger includes two slices of patties, sliced jalapenos, crispy jalapenos, and white cheddar cheese as well ranch sauce.

I noticed almost immediately that the white cheddar and ranch completely dilutes the jalapenos. There’s not much, if any spice to this burger at all, despite a pretty generous offering of jalapeno peppers. The cheese and and ranch created a nice taste, but were melted and sloppy.

This felt more like I took a plain double cheese burger from McDonalds and doctored it up myself. If you are someone that isn’t able to eat a lot of spice, but likes to dabble once in a while this sandwich may be perfect for you. If you’re like me and generally enjoy heat and spice in most of your meals than you will likely be just as disappointing with this burger as I was.

It’s only a buck so if you want to give it a try it isn’t going to affect your wallet, but there are better burgers on the menu for the same price.

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