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Heroes: A Retrospective

In 2014 we are surrounded by the exploding culture of comic books. Some credit for this phenomena goes to the X-Men and Spiderman films. Though they weren’t the first of their kind, nor have they aged very well they did set the box office on fire. It wasn’t an overnight change, and there were certainly many passable comic book related media released, but time has only been good to the super hero genre. As of the upcoming fall tv line up there will be 9 programs on television based on comic properties, not counting cartoons. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine, The Walking Dead, , izombie, Preacher, ¬†Poswers, Agent Carter) And at least 5 more Netflix original shows in 2015 (Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders).

But in 2006 there was only one television program set in a realm of super heroes.



Heroes was my favorite show of its era. It was well written and formatted as a serial comic book. We met ordinary people from all aspects of life, most of them down on their luck and wishing for. And after an Eclipse encompasses the earth they realize that they now have abilities.

The first season is stacked with plot, and to this day I believe that if this show only had 23 episodes it would be considered the best tv drama of all time. Not only do these characters find themselves with abilities that they must learn to understand and control, they must also deal with the government (who have an operative known as HRG) seeking to detain them, but also a serial killing villain who only seems interested in victims with abilities.

The shows format was a broad one, in which it followed people with abilities who have their own personal story arcs that lead them to meet each other during the final climax of the season. Though each year the show seemed to lose viewers steadily, it wasn’t until it’s fourth and final season that I saw the chinks in the armor, and I actually have never finished the show. Heroes’ first season maintained an average of 14 million viewers, and the season one blu ray helped set that platform as a standard.

So since Brainbuster is to be reborn, and heroes is to be reborn than as part of my many tv articles I will review each season of the show. I hope to explore the aspects of the show that really made it great and one of a kind. While also looking deeper into the complaints of fans, and qualms that I had with season 4. I will explore the comic book tie ins and novel So stay tuned, it is available on netflix last I checked and maybe we will watch it together and prepare ourselves for the reboot.

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