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Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Review

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning is one of the most interesting films in the entire series. All of the characters are goofy as hell; the stuttering kid, fat slob Joey, the balding mustache guy snorting coke, two greaser fellas who have no reason to exist in 1984, jeri curl, and let’s not forget the cartoonish backwoods family. I think the mother says all the f-bombs in the entire flick.

The plot itself revolves around Tommy Jarvis struggling to get over his murder of Jason Voorhees…at a mental house in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Isn’t this a bizarre place to setup a home like this? If these kids are deranged there’s a lot of ground for them to cover in an escape attempt. Not to mention most of the kids seem normal enough. One is a fat guy who eats candy, two are fucking all the time, a goth girl who listens to music 24/7, and the stutterer. I guess being a geek stereotype necessitates being in this cabin.

I find it interesting that one of the patients at this house offs the fat annoying dude within 20 minutes of the picture starting. I hadn’t seen this in so goddamn long I was shocked by this scene. The nut cutting wood, who I believe was named Victor, axed the poor slob when he turned around. I’m sure the audience cheered cause Joey was irritating. Very annoying character. The problem I have with this scene is how little development we get with the psycho chopping wood. They gave us enough of a reason to want to see Joey, the fat dumbass, killed, but they didn’t give us a reason at all to think it was a bad thing. I think the film would have suffered if he DIDN’T get axed. The psycho here should have been given much more screen time after that display.

During the scene after one of the paramedics is given a lot of screen time. It’s extremely disappointing to find out that he ends up being the killer, and apparently the fat kids father. I wanted to see the fucking nutjob with the axe comeback and cause some more trouble. Hell, keep the movie as is but have a faceoff with him and the  Jason impersonator/parademic.  He really should have been murdered by the avenging father, because he’s the only one to blame for this incident. The paramedic had no reason to viciously kill everyone in the surrounding area. The fact that the nutjob just gets arrested is annoying to me. There needed to be proper recourse, maybe even in the next movie. Perhaps have him escape and be on the loose killing people too. This series is best in my opinion when you have sub-villains beyond “Jason”.  Like the bikers in Part 3.

Anyway, this movie does deserve props for trying something new. This is the only one after Part 1 that has a mystery killer. They even try to play the audience by introducing all of these shady characters so we’ll think they’re the killer, but then they’re offed within 5 minutes so it’s back on the Jason train until the end.  Though it really does puzzle me why such a minor character in this film ends up being the killer. Maybe anything else would have been too obvious, but there were much more interesting characters to give the mantle.

Final notes:  I really do love this flick and think it’s top 3 status. Not sure where it’d be in that ranking, but you should all know I hold Part 3 and Part VI in very high regard. This almost defeats it because of the blue hockey mask design. Absolutely my favorite mask in the entire series.


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