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Mad Elf Ale Review

Mad Elf Ale is a local treat for me, and all of my fellow Pennsylvanians. Brewed with pride by the Troegs Brewing Company, I purchased it at my local Giant Eagle for around $15 a six pack, a little pricey, so lets see how it stands up to that price tag. Comes it about 11% alcohol, and 15 IBUs.



The beer pours a large head that dissipates into a soothing white lace. Spectacularly red in color and clear as a summer day, a pleasure to look at in the glass.


The nose is of light alcohol, phenolic aroma along with a bit of cherries, no hops detectable on the nose.


A meadish honey flavor with a little alcohol, followed by a hint of cherries, and and finishes with some husk flavors, and some spiciness from the yeast. This brew is all malt, no hop flavor. Sweet, but not over done, perfect.


Medium to high body, low carbonation, finishes slightly sweet but not too much.


A perfect way to spend your holiday, packs a punch and is dangerously drinkable for what it is, I could down a case of this no trouble. This beer is worth much more than they are charging, and I will be buying a case if I can.

Score: 5/5

I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Libation Lounge, sit back and finish your buzz off and come back next time when I review Bigfoot Barleywine-Style ale.

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