Revisiting: Sons of Anarchy: Connections to Hamlet.

Andrew Christy

Andrew Christy

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12 Responses

  1. Quite interesting, noble sir. A sincerely thought out article. Many movies and television shows have been based around some Shakespeare’s different works. I don’t have a list right now, but i’m sure there are a few.

    (I don’t feel like doing the research just for a comment. Google can do it for me.)

  2. Mike Slag says:

    Opie = Ophelia. (Use your name connections)

  3. jacob says:

    Opie is Ophelia

  4. StaceyAdamz says:

    Now that we are in season 5, have your thoughts on who certain characters are in correlation to Hamlet changed? I’d love to see an update on this post

  5. Bar Golf Will says:

    Opie is ophelia. Opie.

  6. meesha says:

    Good analysis — one update though, clearly Opie and Piney are Ophelia and Polonius. Just like Ophelia who “failed to save herself” — Opie did the same. Piney’s connection as a trusted advisor to John is self-evident in that they were best friends. The plot thickens…

  7. redebeth says:

    Opie is/was Ophelia.
    Piney is/was Polonius

  8. Not Gertrude says:

    It should be apparent by now that Polonious was Piney and Ophelia was Opie.

    If the series follows the Hamlet format, everyone will be dead by the end.

    • Not Gertrude says:

      In Hamlet it is Polonious’ daughter Ophelia that doubted Hamlet’s love and she ultimately killed herself. This was transferred to a male character as Opie is the son of Piney (Polonious) who ended up sacrificing his own life. There are other correlations as well. Not quite sure how the Tara character fits yet but she is not Ophelia.

  9. BB says:

    A friend of mine and I recently blew our own minds by realizing the connection between SOA and Hamlet without knowing how much was already out there about this. Glad to see you draw the connection between Piney and Polonius as other sites have related Bobby to Polonius. We struggled with the Ophelia/Tara connection and even though there are some aspects that relate the two, I would say that Opie actually is more Ophelia than Tara. Think on it… it blew my mind.

  10. Andrew Christy Andrew Christy says:

    I can safely say that it was a true piece of short shortsightedness that I did not make the connection to Opie and Ophelia. Perhaps tha change in gender lead me to ignore it, but yes you all are correct. Op was clearly Ophelia.

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