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Viva Las Bio Dome

I am 26 years old. I am in every way a product of the 90’s. I have very nostalgic thoughts of that magical decade. There was a lot of change during this time and our cultures began to blend together. We still had tight jeans, white shoes and denim jackets, but that was clashing with baggy bright colored T-shirts and in the same room was someone with a flannel around their waste and a mop of hair covering their face. As diverse as our culture was, we could all agree on one thing. Pauly Shore was the shit. Plain and simple. Pauly Shore ruled Hollywood for a few short years.

It all started in 1992 when he and Sean Astin found a frozen caveman while digging a pool. Encino Man was one of a few movies that I watched over one hundred times before I was 12 years old. To be honest I have probably watched this movie over a thousand times by now and the same goes for all of Pauly Shore’s movies. It was a hit and because of that we soon got Son-In-Law which was spectacular. I watch to movies every year to celebrate Thanksgiving and Son-In-Law is one of them (along with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles). Then came In the Army Now and Jury Duty, which were both well received (at the time).

I remember a huge cardboard cutout for both movies taking up an entire section at our video store when they were released. There were a few random movies and tv spots scattered in between these films, but this is what Pauly Shore is best known for, what he was loved for. Then Bio-Dome was released. Suddenly everyone turned on Pauly Shore. It took a minute or two for this fact to set into my brain because I loved Bio-Dome, and everyone I knew who watched Bio-Dome seemed to also enjoy it. So why the hate?

Lets face it, no movie with Pauly Shore on the bill is ever going to be the second coming of Citizen Kane, so I am not sure what people were expecting from the film which had two Gen-X slackers locked in an experimental building with some scientists trying to maintain homeostasis and live as one with nature. Obviously shenanigans ensue, but in the end Pauly Shore and costar Stephen Baldwin (Bud, and Doyle) save the day, and the environment and everyone goes home happy. Everyone seems to hate this movie, but no one really elaborates as to why they feel this way. So I am going to explain to you all just why I enjoy Bio dome.

Bud and Doyle are Gen-X slackers. This is a staple in 90’s cinema and I for one never tired of it. To this day I seek out movies from the 90’s that fit the bill just for the love of the genre. They party, get wasted and are perfectly content on being less than average bums. This is an attitude I still pretty much live by.

The movie has one of the first filmed cameos by Tenacious D.

Flashback sequence featuring Pauly Shore as “The Weasel”.

It doesn’t take itself seriously. During a montage in which the Safety Dance is playing we see4 of the Bio-Dome 5 plus Bud and Doyle reenacting the dance with midget in tow. Completely unrelated to the plot and there just for shits and giggles. This is a comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously.

I could go on for hours, but I really want to get to the best part of Bio-Dome. It’s a coming of age tale. Two slackers who only care about pizza and beer grow as a result of their experience and they save the Bio-Dome. Bud and Doyle cut their shit when they realize they have seriously jeopardized an important, possibly world changing experiment and they help save the day. As they say in the movie, they were only thinking locally, but eventually learned to think globally. This is occurs in all Pauly Shore movies, and I am tired of it being overlooked.  In all of his movies he sees the error of his ways, understands that his actions have serious consequences and grows a person. Bio-Dome is no different, and seriously carries a heavy message. Pauly Shore warned us about saving the environment almost a decade before Al Gore was totted and worshiped for “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Well folks, the real inconvenient truth is that anyone who chastises Bio-Dome is just a cynical person, who probably doesn’t enjoy their life very much, but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just don’t harsh my gig buuuuuuudy.

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