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Podcast extras: Photos links and more.



So by now you have surely listened to the podcast and for the time being this is where you can leave any feedback if you, have any at all. I am not going to be presumptuous. But if you did listen and want to see some reference links and photos than look below.


First I have the Joker pics.

Conrad Veidt - The Joker CDZbuEiUUAAtGQb


As you can tell sans the tattoos the face is a dead ringer. However it has been discussed that this isn’t the true look!

batman_rejected_gothamhigh_600 ass

The suicide Squad looks awful. We tried to touch on it, and got very side tracked. The costumes are dumb, they look like high school kids doing cosplay. And don’t even get me started on that useless character Harley who only exists for losers to masturbate to. Above is a picture of the failed show Gotham High. I cannot be the only one who see’s the resemblance?

And a biggie here, and hopefully a tool of discussion, the transgender information due to Bruce Jenderbender!




And don’t forget folks. WE have many new topics of discussion for the future. If you would like to appear as a guest host you can reach me on BBO, or Facebook. Next Episode will be a very interesting one. About cryptoids, conspiracy and that pesky Charlie Chaplin



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