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Posted By Jason

Rockstar Horchata

I love me some caffeine, so when I saw this rice-milk based cinnamon flavored energy drink, I just had to buy it. Not because I think it will be good, but because I think it will be god awful.

I have never had Horchata before, and until I did some google-fu, didn’t even know it was a thing.

Shake well it says, and well shaken it is.

The smell is quite pleasant, kinda like a pumpkin pie. The taste starts off good but finishes sort of bitter, which I assume is from the added energy drink components more so than the Horchata ingredients.

I also expected it to be much thicker, but it seemed surprisingly light, doesn’t leave to bad a taste in your mouth. I am definitely interested in making the real deal after trying this Rockstar version.

With 225 mg of caffeine per can it packs a nice punch as well. I’d recommend it if you’re into weird drinks.

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