Sons of Anarchy’s Final Ride: Week 2.

Riding in from the dust left unsettled in the first episode of season seven we find Jax is still in a state of unrest. He is calm and composed to keep his club in the right mind frame. As the episode progresses it’s pretty clear however that Jax is not all that calm on the inside. In the second week we are still diving into Jax’s plot for revenge. He continues his under the radar assault on Lin and his Triad. Jax still believes the lies fed to him by his mother Gemma (or does he? I will address this later) about the events leading to Taras murder.



Juice is still in hiding, but he has allowed Unser to leave unharmed, as we knew he would. Juice is many things, but a cold hearted killer is not one of them. Instead he sits in silence debating his next move. Unser is met by the new law woman in town who offers him an off the books position as a consultant, he graciously accepts and pays Gemma a visit to make it clear that Juice told him everything. This wasn’t in a threatening manner, but rather in support. Unser, like so many has seen enough blood in Charming.

Nero is still playing peacemaker and having some bonding time with Wendy which ends with the Lin Triad ambushing him and demanding a sit down with Jax after their recent heroin deal went bad. As the viewers we know that this was part of Jax’s master plan. We learn Jax’s plan during his meet with the Indian Hills chapter of Sons of Anarchy. A conversation with Jury the president reveals two things. The first is that Jax plans to unravel Lin’s business until he has nowhere to go and no one to turn to but SAMCRO. Then when he is most vulnerable Jax will strike. Killing everyone Lin holds dear and leaving him alive just long enough to soak it all in.

And secondly they pay particular notice to the “security/muscle” that Jury has with him. They aren’t in cuts and Jax inquires about them. Jury only says that they can be trusted.  Nero had earlier met with August Marks and the Myans discussing Taras death, and that war can’t and won’t go into the streets. Nero assures August that Jax has things under control.

There has been a growing tension between Nero and Jax that’s both subtle and in our face and I really can’t wait to see it come to a final head. Nero delivers Jax to Lin, without any sort of warning. Jax denies that SAMCRO had anything to do with it and promises to deliver the men responsible.  During this meet Juice calls Chibbs, but hangs up immediately.

Gemma has a presence as well. She is seen crying while baby sitting Able. Jax walks by and is very cold toward her. And giving Juice some money and telling him to skip town. Finally she walks into Unsers trailer and sees his files, now fully aware that he is now working with law enforcement.

Finally the club break into a home, and the two hired muscle that were with Jury are sitting down enjoying a good high. SAMCRO kills them and plants Lin’s heroin and some guns preparing to inform Lin that these men were the ones who interrupted his deal, but the final shot of the episode is that of Indian Hills clube President Jury walking into the home and freaking out. He grabs one of the mean and cries “Gibby”. As he holds the corpse of the man who is obviously very dear to him he sees the sawed off shutgun left behind by SAMCRO and he knows they were responsible.


So that was the episode and here are my final thoughts.

1) I have mentioned it before, and I will again. I think it’s obvious that Jax knows that Gemma is responsible for Tara’s death. Despite loving words exchanged between the two of them, Jax is increasingly cold toward his mother. The use of this tool of foreshadowing will eventually prove me right in this prediction once it is revealed.

2) Gemma knows that Unser is with the law again, and he is aware of what she did to Tara. Gemma is certainly now going to plot against him. Perhaps, if not outright killing him. Luring him into an ambush and removing him from the equation.

3) I believe “Gibby” was Jury’s son. And the other chapters of SOA will implode with infighting between chapters.

4) Nero will soon side with Lin.

5) Finally I believe that Jax is aware that Gemma has killed Tara. I once did a piece on this site about the connections to Hamlet, of which the show is based on. Noting that Jax is Hamlet, Clay was Claudius, Gemma was Gertrude, Piney was Polonius, Op was Ophilia etc. Now I believe that they are taking this into a different direction.

Charming is Hamlet. Each gang in Charming now represents a character in Hamlet. SAMCRO is Hamlet, Lin Triad is Claudius, etc. Jax still wants to end the outlaw business, but realizes that the only way to keep Charming clean is to take every one out. So even though JAx is aware that his mother killed Tara he is going along with Gemma’s lies to begin his plan of cleaning Charming up.

The show will end with not just SAMCRO, but all MC’s and gangs gone from Charming. Juice will be the only one left living, playing the Horatio character.

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