Review: Kick Ass 2

A unique cast of characters

A unique cast of characters

I enjoyed the first film a lot and was very excited when they announced the sequel. Until some of the details were released. It was said that the film would be more about Hit Girl than Kick Ass. Rumors seemed to turn factual after seeing some of the reviews pop up indicating that the first 30 minutes of the film seemed solely to focus on the character so I skipped the theatrical run. When it aired on HBO I made sure to DVR it, and there it sat unwatched until a few days ago.

I enjoyed Hit Girl in the first movie in her smaller support role. To be honest her arc was actually a pretty powerful one facing the death of Big Daddy, her father (played masterfully by Nic Cage). But the idea of turning her into the main character ¬†and putting Kick Ass in the supporting role really turned me off of the film. Luckily those early reports were really wrong, and she actually wasn’t in nearly as much of the film as I expected her to be and Kick Ass remained in the spotlight.

Since the first film the heroes have been on break. While Kick Ass is still aching to get back on the streets Hit Girl is retired and focusing on school. Despite Kick Asses multiple attempts to lure her back into crime fighting where he thinks she belongs she remains persistent to bury that life with her father.

So Kick Ass takes to the internet and finds a group of people who are suiting up and hitting the streets. Kick Ass joins this group and they all immediately hit it off. While at the same time they are cleaning up the streets in every available opportunity. While Kick Ass continues to clean up the streets Red Myst/Chris D’Amico is still hell bent on getting revenge for the death of his father.

He uses the mass riches of his family to train and hire the deadliest and craziest muscle willing to wear a super villain costume. Taking a new name, The Motherfucker he continues to descend into madness.

Kick Asses group is led by Colonel Stars and Stripes played by Jim Carrey, The Colonel plays a vital part in teaching these young heroes and helping take their abilities ans strengths to the next level.

Eventually the Motherfucker becomes privy to the Colonel and he and his team of lunatics pay him a visit. Which leads to a downfall of the group. Furthermore the police have been ordered to arrest everyone in a mask. With the rise of the Motherfucker causing government shake ups on heroes things become very bleak.

What I love most about these films is the realism behind it. Of course at times Kick Ass is a satire and a parody of the genre, but it’s attention to realism, and the brutal violence really hits home.

These aren’t super heroes, this isn’t your typical Marvel or DC story. It’s kind of like The Watchmen without Dr. Manhattan. This is a story that could actually happen. With real people becoming vigilantes and facing the real consequences of their actions. Identities are harder to protect that the comics make us think and Kick Ass 1/2 doesn’t take this fact lightly.

I always loved these splash graphics

I always loved these splash graphics

If you enjoyed the first one you will like the second. I waited a few days to collect my thoughts because despite it being a very dark abd bleak it was also funny and light. I had to let the tone sink in to decide just how much I liked the film and I loved it. You will as well. Don’t let the rumors and controversy (Jim Carrey/gun violence ins schools yadda yadda yadda) that shrouded this film upon it’s release prevent you from experiencing it.

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