Review: A Haunted House 2

I am going to start things off by saying that I am typically a huge fan of the Wayans Brothers/family. Starting with Kennan and Damon then making our way through Shawn and Marlon, and their supporting cast such as Kim down to the new generation. Damon Wayans JR is one of the best actors in comedies right now. I really enjoy most of their bodies of work.

However I did not enjoy A Haunted House, and I the sequel was quite painful to sit through. In case you haven’t seen these films I can sum it up. Marlon Wayans in a parody of found footage films with silly antics, unfunny race jokes, and way too much naked Marlon Wayans.

The sequel takes place a year after the first and Marlon has moved on to a new relationship, and a new house. Things are going well until the demonic activity begins again. You don’t have to have seen the films in which they parody such as The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, Sinister, the Possession etc. because the jokes are all very basic and unintelligent.

At one point Gabriel Iglesias ( Jesus what an unfunny waste he has become) brings a chicken over to be sacrificed, since every Mexican just keeps chickens for this very purpose. And we get what felt like a ten minute fight scene between Marlon and the chicken. This was funny ten years ago when Peter Griffin had his bout with a chicken, but this simply didn’t work.

Chicken Fight

Chicken Fight

If I was to ignore all of the faults in this film that I have already mentioned I still couldn’t get passed the doll scenes. In The Conjuring there is a creepy possessed doll. It’s the type of prop that should work well in parody and one in which we have seen work in other Wayans Bros films.

This time around I guess Marlons co star Jaime Presley was uncomfortable with doing the amount of sex scenes that we saw in the first film so Marlon instead for no reason at all boinks an doll similar to Annabelle (The doll from the Conjuring).


Seriously this entire movie is littered with scenes with this doll.

A new meaning to sex doll

A new meaning to sex doll

And hey if you’re really into these sex scenes you would enjoy the selfies that Abigail sends to Marlon throughout the film.


Get us a cigarette will you?


The cameos are pretty much the same as the first (The exception being WWE Superstar Mark Henry as a stereotypical prison rapist). Seriously why do people continue to put Cedric the Entertainer in films? ┬áIt would be a compliment to the “comedy” in this film to rate it as poorly as the dull and uninspired camera work. I think these films written and produced by Marlon himself are proof that the creative talent lies in his older brothers. He should stick to performing other peoples material, because that’s where he shines.

I hate that I hate these films, but they are atrocious. If you’re going to have to watch a horror parody stick to the first two scary movies or Club Dread.

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