Sons of Anarchy Season Seven Episode One

OK ladies and gentlemen now that Brainbusteronline is back for real I always intended this site to be a place where I can dedicate myself to writing Sons of Anarchy articles. My first big Sons article was a hit and I did plan (and still will) to do an entire series retrospective. However we still have the seventh season to get through first. So for the final ride I will have show recaps. These WILL contain spoilers. So I will be generous to all of you and continue to banter about to create enough words to prevent any of you from seeing any of these spoilers on facebook once posted and advertised.




Spoiler Alert



Spoiler Alert



Season seven of Sons of Anarchy picks up pretty much where six left off. About ten days after Taras death Jax is in prison, and carving a swastika on a fellow inmates chest. This is done in an attempt to have a sit down with Marilyn Manson’s white supremacist character. It’s a brief appearance by the ┬árocker in which we learn that Jax is aiming to clear the air between Samcro and the AN. Soon after it’s learned that the evidence all suggests that Jax is clear of Tara and Elis murders and is free to go. The conversation that leads to Jax’s release sets the tone of the show quite well.

Juice is now in hiding, being assisted by Gemma. She has him held up in Wendy’s pad. Obviously at this point he is on the run from the club and will be killed if discovered. Wendy returns early and finds him and he pleads his case, telling her everything. She plays ball with him for the meantime and now has something to use over Gemma.

Nero is busting his ass to keep the peace, like he always has. The impression that I get is that he is the only character who has any of the soul from the prior seasons still intact. He is sitting with the Myans and the Chinese trying to maintain order in the streets. And Jax seems to agree that this is essential and demands to meet with all parties as well.

Samcro throws a party and invites both crews as well as the Grim Bastards and the Irish for a peace making meeting. The crow eaters and porn stars will be there with booze to welcome them. Everyone agrees to meet, despite having some hesitations.

Another key plot point of episode one is the Grim Bastards are falling apart. They are having Samcro aid them in the search for the drivers of a blue Impala who ran down a number of their crew members. This search leads to a handicapped man being dragged in his chair by Bobby on his bike down the street, and the murder of several preachers having an orgy. All of these leads end up loose, but for the second time we see that Jax is unhinged. They realize their mistake in the murders and one man is still alive. Jax however fires several shots killing him instantly.

Unser shows up at Wendys apartment to pick her up and being the smart former cop that he is immediately sees signs that Juice is living there. He returns later in the night, sneaking in and finding his cut. As he hold Juices colors in his hands the sound of a pistols hammer drawing back is heard. Juice is behind him.

While at the party Gemma sits with a timid Chinese gang member. They have a nice conversation about family and life. He was simply there working and had no ill feeling for anyone. He was just genuinely happy to still be breathing. Gemma encourages him to have a better time and enjoy some of the porn star pussy.

Jax asks the Grim Bastards to carry out a favor. He points to this timid gang member at the bar and orders him to be followed and abducted. The Bastards want to know why and Gemma steps in. She reveals to them that she was on her way over to Jax and taras place the day of her murder and saw that particular Chinese gangster fleeing the residence. She has Jax convinced that this man killed Tara, which was ordered by Lin.


Juice hasn’t killed Unser, but has him tied up.

We, the viewers know that this is false. We know the Gemma killed her. And we know that this means that a lot of blood is about to be spilled in Charming. Jax and crew torture the man and eventually kill him by stabbing him with the same kitchen utensil that Gemma used to murder Tara.

Fade to Black…



I have to say that the end of this episode left me sick to my stomach in a way that not even Taras death last year did. To see Jax so utterly lost in this web of lies fed to him by Gemma to the point that he is brutally murdering innocent people is disgusting. I actually for the first time ever found myself talking to the tv calling Gemma a bitch. In one episode she has encompassed everything that made Clay such an evil bastard.

Next to Op Juice is my favorite character and I am waiting with baited breath to see how his fate unveils itself. The tone has been set expertly by Sutter in a way that only he can. I am sick and disgusted by these character that I also love and cannot wait to see the follow up.

Charming is about to be the setting of a war.



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