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Consumer Report: Sharkleberry Fin Kool Aid


Sharkleberry Fin was a Kool Aid flavor from the 80’s, and maybe the early 90’s. I have no memory of this flavor as a kid, however I do remember the ad (seen above) in my youth. This summer Kool Aid re-released several classic flavors and this was one of them. I had not realized this event was taking place. My wife bought it simply because I am a fan of sharks, so she thought I would enjoy the kool aid with the shark.

Originally the shark in the marketing was pink, and I am not sure why they changed it’s colors. In a progressive 2014 where gay marriage and legalization of pot exist than surely we can still enjoy a pink shark? Regardless of the color change the packaging now has a cool shark rocking sunglasses.

A comic panel that reeks of awesome 80's goodness

A comic panel that reeks of awesome 80’s goodness

It has a mixture of strawberries, oranges, and banana making it one of the only flavors to incorporate banana in the kool aid realm. Now with Kool Aid it’s all about how much sugar you add. I prefer two packets of Kool Aid and one and a half cups of sugar.┬áDespite the sharks color change the drink itself remains pink and tastes unlike any other mixed drink of its kind.

I can’t precisely describe to you how it tastes, but I can say that it’s awesome. I am not sure if this is only a limited time release, but if it is than hit the shelves. This will go down with Surge, Vault and Pepsi Blue as one of my most missed drinks of all time.

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