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Halloween Peeps

Why aren’t these called “Creeps”? Isn’t that the most obvious thing in the world? They can have that one for free as long as the text on the package is dripping white and spooky. Speaking of spooky:


Alright these pumpkins aren’t that spooky. In fact, they all look pretty friendly and happy to be eaten. The bottom one in the middle is my favorite. He’s such a ham for the camera with that sexy wink.


Ahh! Sorry to just throw that in there with no warning. Now THIS is spooky! Look at that ghost! He’s really upset that I decapitated his buddy and scared his woman (seen fleeing above his head). Too bad I ain’t afraid of no ghost! Also, too bad these things taste so good and are hard to put down! Peeps have never been my thing, but Halloween Peeps are a different story. Once a year I’ll dig on some marshmallow sugar mystery fluff. It just has to be shaped like a pumpkin, a ghost, or a green witch (That one’s free too; gotta have more than two “Creeps” to justify a line of snack food.).


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