Monday Night RAW 7/28/14 Review

This column is intended to be a weekly piece on Monday Night RAW and the WWE in general. Don’t be alarmed if I happen to skip over segments that are either filler or don’t quite inspire much writing. For instance, the 6 man tag match on RAW was a perfectly fine match, but it really is just a filler match to keep all of these guys on TV [...]


World War Z Review

  If any of you are like me than you follow the production of certain (if not all) films from beginning to end. It’s never a good sign for any film to have continued halts in production, rewrites, and reshoots. These such things plagued the zombie blockbuster from green light until wrap. From the start the film had financial [...]


Heroes: A Retrospective

In 2014 we are surrounded by the exploding culture of comic books. Some credit for this phenomena goes to the X-Men and Spiderman films. Though they weren’t the first of their kind, nor have they aged very well they did set the box office on fire. It wasn’t an overnight change, and there were certainly many passable comic [...]


We’re Back!

After much work and redesign the site is back! We wanted to give it a more modern touch and flashier design along with pictures/graphics and videos with posts as a reference point for what we’re going on about. For the launch I cherry picked content we’ve had waiting in the wings, and retouched older content to give visitors [...]


Pearl Jam 20 Review

  I remember about six months ago when i first heard Cameron Crowe was making a documentary based on the recent career retrospective book “PJ20”, I was beyond excited. I was even more stoked to hear it would air for free on PBS. I am 26 and  grew up with the 90’s “grunge” ,”Seattle Sound”, [...]


Viva Las Bio Dome

I am 26 years old. I am in every way a product of the 90’s. I have very nostalgic thoughts of that magical decade. There was a lot of change during this time and our cultures began to blend together. We still had tight jeans, white shoes and denim jackets, but that was clashing with baggy bright colored T-shirts and in the same [...]


Mad Elf Ale Review

Mad Elf Ale is a local treat for me, and all of my fellow Pennsylvanians. Brewed with pride by the Troegs Brewing Company, I purchased it at my local Giant Eagle for around $15 a six pack, a little pricey, so lets see how it stands up to that price tag. Comes it about 11% alcohol, and 15 IBUs.   Appearance The beer pours a large [...]


Friday the 13th Review

  The film starts with camp songs inside of a cabin followed by two young people getting murdered by a mystery assailant after fooling around. To me this is a great way to start a franchise here. You basically get promised sex and death within the first five minutes. Anyways, since that scene takes place only a year after Jason is [...]


Paranormal Activity 3 Review

  Paranormal Activity was a genuinely creepy film. I will admit I was “scared” by that movie for whatever it’s worth. That doesn’t happen too often anymore, and despite a less than satisfying ending, I still really appreciate what they did; with a limited budget of a little over 10 grand, they made a 100 million dollar runaway [...]