Sons of Anarchy’s Final Ride: Week 2.

Riding in from the dust left unsettled in the first episode of season seven we find Jax is still in a state of unrest. He is calm and composed to keep his club in the right mind frame. As the episode progresses it’s pretty clear however that Jax is not all that calm on the inside. In the second week we are still diving into [...]


Sons of Anarchy Season Seven Episode One

OK ladies and gentlemen now that Brainbusteronline is back for real I always intended this site to be a place where I can dedicate myself to writing Sons of Anarchy articles. My first big Sons article was a hit and I did plan (and still will) to do an entire series retrospective. However we still have the seventh season to get through [...]


Top Ten overlooked movie Villains

I have been pondering this for a while. What makes a good villain? Should they be pure evil or should we be able to relate to the villains? Movie villains are a dime a dozen and a comprehensive list of the best of the best just doesn’t exist. All of the lists that I have found online are either very large and seem to try and fit [...]


Modern Family: How is this funny?

So this is just a little blurb for the blog, but since it is television related I am going to tag it in TV as well. Lately my wife has been watching a lot of syndicated repeats of Modern Family on USA network. It would be fair to say that I have now watched about ten total episodes of this show and in my opinion that is enough to [...]


Review: Grave Encounters

A few days ago Jeremy Shaw and myself challenged each other to watch 5 films that we have not watched yet. All of the films that I was challenged to watch were purposely left off of my ques, however today I began my challenge. I began with Grave Encounters. I was no doubt challenged to watch this because I loath found footage films. [...]


The Rise and Fall of How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was destined to be a success. It came at just the right time that sitcoms were looking to be a dying breed of entertainment. There wasn’t much competition and they had made some really wise casting decisions. Alyson Hannigan was a big name in TV after a long run on a the highly successful and very popular Buff [...]


Shark Week: Night Two

      Great White Serial This is yet another Great White special and even worse another Great White attack show. This time around they spend an hour analyzing “A series of attacks” off the coast of California in a spot known as Surf  Beach. This series of attacks leads researchers ( and I will use that term [...]


Shark Week: Night one

There are many forms of entertainment that people indulge in during the summer months. Be it trips to the beach or other vacation spots, outside activities, sporting events, blockbuster movies etc. I am a man of simple pleasures. My favorite thing to do in the summer is watch Shark Week on discovery channel. I have both loved and been [...]


Monday Night RAW 7/28/14 Review

This column is intended to be a weekly piece on Monday Night RAW and the WWE in general. Don’t be alarmed if I happen to skip over segments that are either filler or don’t quite inspire much writing. For instance, the 6 man tag match on RAW was a perfectly fine match, but it really is just a filler match to keep all of these guys on TV [...]


Pearl Jam 20 Review

  I remember about six months ago when i first heard Cameron Crowe was making a documentary based on the recent career retrospective book “PJ20”, I was beyond excited. I was even more stoked to hear it would air for free on PBS. I am 26 and  grew up with the 90’s “grunge” ,”Seattle Sound”, [...]