Brainbusted 11/26/2016

We Are Back Motherfucker, after going dark for a year we have finally returned from the dregs of the internet. The return was imminent if you follow our facebook, I’ve been live streaming for months now to test the water on some new shit with the site. Expect a lot more multimedia in the coming weeks. Podcasts, live streams, dumb [...]

Consumer Reports

Rockstar Horchata

I love me some caffeine, so when I saw this rice-milk based cinnamon flavored energy drink, I just had to buy it. Not because I think it will be good, but because I think it will be god awful. I have never had Horchata before, and until I did some google-fu, didn’t even know it was a thing. Shake well it says, and well shaken it [...]


Topps Real Movie Giant Pin-Up

I really enjoy trading cards and the like for old movies. At the recent steel city con I spent way to much money on these worthless cards, but this is no card. It is a mini movie poster. Look at this selection you could end up with Now, I consider getting a Blue Lagoon or Grease an outright fucking scam. You know what everybody wants, [...]


Teenage Bottlerocket: Freak Out!

I have just recently gotten more into pop punk, and I have heard about these guys but never listened to them, until recently. I have now listened to this album 12 times this week, and I am fucking in love. The band is mostly fun light-hearted punk rock kind of like Screeching Weasel mixed with the Bouncing Souls. The lyrics are mostly [...]


Mad Elf Ale Review

Mad Elf Ale is a local treat for me, and all of my fellow Pennsylvanians. Brewed with pride by the Troegs Brewing Company, I purchased it at my local Giant Eagle for around $15 a six pack, a little pricey, so lets see how it stands up to that price tag. Comes it about 11% alcohol, and 15 IBUs.   Appearance The beer pours a large [...]